Nobody's Perfect

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Hey! I'm Emma and this is my page =] Feel free to browse, re-blog and message me! I'm always up for meeting and talking to new people =] So a bit about me....well I am currently 20 years old, working as an administrator for a switch-gear company & engaged =] My hobbies are dancing, gym & zumba. I have the most amazing family and friends a girl could ask for and I wouldn't know where I would be today without them. One of the main things about me is that I love to smile. Smiling hides my emotions and just makes me feel better, and if I can make someone else's day better by smiling then it's all worth it. I am extremely random and ditsy but that's why my friends love me (I hope hahaa) and have absolutely no common sense =p but I like to think of myself as relatively smart hahaa! I am only 4"10 and proud of it, my height makes me who I am and although sometimes it makes me self conscious I know that I should feel confident as I wouldn't be me if I wasn't small...funsized ;] hehee So yeh that's enough about me! I would love to know more about my followers though so don't hesitate to talk to me, I don't bite...=] hehee lotsa loveeeee x
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